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Paint can immediately transform the look and feel of any home. From upgrading the hues of your living room to refreshing the backsplash in your kitchen, our team at Westslope Painting is here to help you. We know firsthand just how important a fresh coat of paint is. Our professional Bozeman painters are ready to help bring your vision to life in no time.

As a professional painting company in Bozeman, MT, we deliver high-quality interior and exterior painting services. We make our clients fall in love with their homes again by giving their familiar spaces a refresh using painting industry best practices and first-rate materials.

Whether you want to restore your old house to its former glory or brighten your dining room by adding colorful paint, our expert team at Westslope Painting can perform top-notch work on your home. Not only do we take immense pride in our services, but we also work hard to provide pristine care and communications to all of our customers. We value outstanding customer service, so you can expect the utmost professionalism and care when you work with us.

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Interior and Exterior Painting Services

From log home staining to cabinet painting, we have the skills and expertise to provide a beautiful paint job for your home’s interior or exterior. With excellent attention to detail, our Bozeman painters ensure you get flawless results that match your vision precisely. If you need guidance, we also provide a complimentary color consultation.

Our professional paint crew stays on budget and won’t disrupt your day by arriving late. Wherever we work, we leave the site cleaner than we found it. 

Exterior Painting

In the hands of professional Bozeman painters, a fresh coat of paint or stain can dramatically transform the exterior of your home. Our experienced team can boost your home’s curb appeal by adding new paint to the exterior walls and trim, making imperfections disappear. 

Exterior paint isn’t just for making your house look nice; it protects your home from UV rays and moisture that could damage your siding if they penetrate peeling or flaking paint. At Westslope Painting, we use environmentally conscious paints and stains that provide superior, long-lasting performance.

Interior Painting

Interior walls sustain numerous scratches, dents, and holes over the years as you move furniture around or your kids damage them while playing. With our superior home makeover skills, we can fix the damage and coat the walls in fresh paint to make your house look new again. Got a question? We can answer it for you! We’re here to help you create the perfect space, no matter what your vision is.

The paints we use at Westslope Painting are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can emit paint fumes that cause breathing and sinus irritation in high amounts. We want to be sure you and your family are safe and comfortable in your home while you enjoy your new interior paint job.

Why Choose Westslope Painting for Your Home Makeover?

At Westslope Painting, we hold ourselves to higher standards to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients, and we’re proud to say that we:

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If you’re considering getting your home painted by an expert painting company in Bozeman, MT, join our many customers who have praised us, saying we arrived on time, treated them respectfully, and performed top-of-the-line work. Call us today at 406-551-3586 to schedule a free estimate.

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