8 Qualities Good Exterior Painting Businesses Should Have

Painting your home is one of the best upgrades you can make. Your home exterior is one of the first things people see when they approach their property. So whether you simply repaint your home over in the same color or go bold with a new trendier one an exterior paint job can add a lot to your property. Before you invest in such an upgrade, you must find the right exterior painters for the job. As you make your choices, here are some qualities these experts should have.

1. Warranty

Expert exterior painters will offer clients a warranty or guarantee for their services. A warranty is insurance that helps you have peace that you won’t be wasting your money even if the job doesn’t go the way you want it to. Thanks to a warranty or guarantee, an exterior painter will have to come back and redo the job without charging you additional money if you’re unsatisfied with their work.

2. Transparent Pricing

The last thing you want is to get cheated by any contractor. That’s why you should gather at least three quotes from various contractors to see how they pair up in terms of pricing. Comparing your contractor quote to others helps you see what the general market rate is. In addition to the stated quote, a professional should be willing to give you a written estimate with an itemized list. Before they begin working on your exterior painting, you should know what they’re charging you for from the actual paint, tools, labor, cost, and so on.

3. Safety

Safety matters, especially when someone is working on your home. That’s why you should do your due diligence to ensure your contractor has the right certifications and training for home painting. Proof of certification lets you know they’ve received the right training in terms of how to paint your home safely. After all, some paints can be toxic and you want to have comfort knowing your family won’t be unknowingly exposed to chemicals and other substances.

Your exterior painter be updated on the safest materials to use in an environment, but they should also be aware of the safest techniques. So the painting team should understand the best methods to work together so that they don’t endanger the safety of your home, especially if they have to climb on ladders and paint multiple levels. Can they put up a scaffolding or hire a scaffolding rental service to help them? Do they have the right safety equipment to keep other workers safe so no one passes out on a job and has a medical emergency?

4. Reputation

Only invest in exterior painters who have a solid reputation. That’s where reviews and referrals can help you. If you weren’t able to get a direct referral for a painter from friends, family, or neighbors, you can ask any of the painters you’re consulting with for some direct referrals from past clients. As long as the painter did a professional job, they should have confidence that other clients will have good things to say about them. If they hesitate to give you a referral, it may be a red flag that their reputation isn’t so good.

Don’t forget about the overview of reviews you can get online. These days, customers can use the web to discuss the pros and cons of any service they’ve used, including exterior painting. Check out various sites to see what they have to say about the painting contractor you’re considering. Reviews may even post candid videos and photos so that you can see examples of the work that was done.

Also, check out the Better Business Bureau. The BBB website provides useful insight into the credentials of any company. They grade each company from A to F and list any outstanding complaints. If a company isn’t formally registered with the BBB, it may be a red flag.

5. Experience

Be mindful of the amount of experience your exterior painters have. After all, you want professionals who can quickly do a quality level of work without the possibility of making mistakes. According to Fact.MR, the global house painting services market has a value of $17.8 billion as of 2023, and this number is expected to increase to $29.6 billion by 2033. This valuation means you have several painters to choose from. When you’re consulting with a potential painter, ask them about their experience and how long they’ve been in business.

6. Expertise

Professional painters have various levels of expertise you can benefit from. They don’t just come in and paint the walls, they also can advise you on the best color to choose for the job. They understand color theory and how it can impact the mood of any home. Their expertise also involves choosing the best quality paint, sealant, and finishes. Even if you have a favorite color but don’t know what shade to pick, your local painters have different color swatches that you can look at to see which one is right for you.

7. Reliable

Of course, you want a reliable painting contractor. They should show up on time and do the work in as efficient a manner as possible. Imagine waiting around all day for painters who never show up or have a major delay in finishing the job due to a lack of time management. Not respecting your time affects your home life since you must wait for them to finish before things return to normal. Their reliability should begin when you’re consulting with them over the phone or by e-mail. In other words, they should be reliable in terms of communication, service, and follow-up.

8. Communicative

Speaking of communication, exterior painter contractors should know how to communicate well with their clients. After all, painting the home is a very big job, and it’s one that people want to last for many years. When a homeowner hires a painter for a job, they should trust they have a contractor answer all their questions promptly, will be friendly to talk to, and someone they can continue to communicate with once they’re at the house. Plus, if a homeowner feels comfortable enough with a painting contractor, it may start a relationship that could last for years. If the homeowner feels comfortable communicating with the contractor, they may call them again to do more exterior touch-up work or to paint the interior.

As you can see, when choosing the right exterior painters for your home, you have many qualities to consider. Your contractor should be highly communicative and reliable. Past clients should have mostly good things to say about their level of professionalism and the quality of their work. You also have a good experience communicating with them as they should answer all the questions you have. By following the above advice and considering the qualities of your painting contractor, you’re taking the first steps to improved curb appeal and a home you can be proud to show off. For painting experts who’ve been in the business for years and who deliver all of these qualities, contact our team at Westslope Painting today for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.