The painting industry has workers all over the United States. According to IBISWorld, there are 410,000 of them across the country. They paint all kinds of things – houses, cabinets, buildings, you name it. Many of them are excellent at what they do.

You might be tempted to paint your own cabinets, wherever they’re located in your home. However, you’re much better off hiring cabinet painters to do the job for a variety of reasons. Prevent that worst-case scenario from occurring and be proactive by hiring quality cabinet painters. You’ll be glad you did. Read on to learn more about why you should hire cabinet painters to get the job done for you.

They Will Help With Design and Color

Are you unsure of how you want your cabinets to look in both design and color? You might have a general idea, but it’s always good to enlist the help of professionals – the ones who devote all their time to cabinets. They have likely seen all kinds of them over the years – decades even – and they know what looks good and what wouldn’t suit a certain aesthetic. They will likely be more than glad to give you their thoughts. They might even be glad to have you put their expertise to good use.

They Will Correctly Prepare the Surface

When it comes to painting cabinets, one doesn’t just dive into the painting part. There’s a method to it, and it involves preparing the cabinet. Cabinet painters will do just that to ensure that nothing’s wasted. You can be assured that they are doing everything properly from the very start. The preparation will enable them to move into the next part of the painting process with minimal effort. The whole workflow will continue smoothly.

They Will Have the Proper Skills

Cabinet painters know how to get the best results from their work. They likely have years of experience and they know how all different types of cabinet surfaces will react when they are being refinished. That skill allows them to apply the paint in the way that will work best. They know how things will behave when they apply a certain brushstroke. That will ensure that there are no surprises along the way. The true testament to their skill, though, will be the end result – cabinets that look great.

They Will Be Efficient

The skills that the cabinet painters use will translate into their being able to do the job as quickly as possible – while still doing excellent work. They will do things much faster than a homeowner who is trying to do the job themselves. You may even see them working in teams, with one person focusing on one part of the process and then someone else following up and doing the next part. As a result, they will probably be in and out of your place very quickly. Then you can go enjoy your freshly-painted cabinets.

They Will Know The Process

If you bring in experienced cabinet painters, they will know exactly what to do from start to finish. They won’t have to consult outside parties or try to figure things out as they go along. There’s a set procedure for them to follow, whatever condition the cabinet is in. By doing this, they will get the job done much faster than a beginner might. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire people who know what they are doing. While everyone has to learn somehow, you can let other people be their test subjects.

They Will Offer a Warranty

When you buy products, there’s usually a warranty attached. That means that the company that made it believes in what they do and they stand by it. The same should go for cabinet painters. They should trust that the work they do will stand up to the usual rigors and if it doesn’t, they will come to correct it for you. Be sure to find out what scenarios they will cover so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises. You should feel protected by the warranty, though.

They Will Give You Excellent Workmanship

If you want the best-looking cabinets, you want professionals to do the painting. They will give you the highest quality work. You will be proud to have these cabinets on display for guests to see when they come to visit. Who knows, those guests might ask about the painters, thus giving the people who did your work even more business. That way, everyone wins.

There are several ways to find cabinet painters in your area. You can ask family and friends if they know of any that they can recommend. See if your co-workers have had painting work done. If that fails, you can look online. There are a lot of review sites out there and it just takes a few minutes of searching. See which ones have the most positive reviews that seem genuine and weren’t seemingly written by staff members or their families. Contact a few and see what their rates are. Show them what you want done and then pick the one that you like the most and get ready to have really nice-looking cabinets.

Be sure to look out for red flags or concerning behavior, like them not answering any questions that you might have or responding in an evasive way. That should send up red flags. Always trust your gut and don’t hesitate to look elsewhere if that’s the case.

Make sure that you discuss the scope of the project ahead of time. Also, see what they say about the timeline. The best cabinet painters will allow some wiggle room for anything unexpected coming up – they may add a day or so to be on the safe side. That way, you’ll be happy that they finish ahead of schedule.

They Will Be Reliable

Always discuss payment ahead of time. It may seem thorny, but this is business. You want to know what needs to be paid and when. Discuss a payment schedule. Have them write out an invoice that details everything that they are doing and what they are charging for each service. Getting that kind of breakdown is very important, especially if there are any disputes. Both of you will be covered in that regard.

They Will Have Insurance

Make sure that they are insured. That way, if something happens, they are covered. If they aren’t, then strongly consider hiring a new group of cabinet painters. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk and liability.

The cabinet painters are going to have their own expectations for you. That includes your being very clear with your instructions. While they do follow a process, they also need to make sure that they are doing exactly what you want. Write out your instructions, if need be. That way, they can’t claim that there was a miscommunication; it’s right there in writing.

Just take some time to plan and do your research before hiring cabinet painters. There are a lot of honest cabinet painters out there. You’ll find one that can do the best job for you. Then you can enjoy your painted cabinets for years to come.

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