Whether your child is looking to alter the look of their space or their wall paint is at the end of its lifespan, you may be looking for paint color ideas. While there are many colors that you can choose for your child’s room, specific hues have been shown to be more soothing, relaxing, or tranquil. Here are a few of the colors you should consider asking an interior painting company to use for your child’s bedroom.

Light Gray

Light gray is currently becoming a popular color for children’s rooms and nurseries. Gray looks contemporary and modern while also matching many of the colors and patterns that you would find in children’s furniture and bedding. Additionally, this color helps to promote peacefulness and rest, which is perfect for a bedroom space.

Warm Beige

Another neutral wall color that is perfect for children’s bedrooms is warm beige. Warm beige is an earthy tone that helps to promote calmness and contentedness. As is the case with light gray, this color also matches many common colors found in children’s furniture and bedding.

Light Blue

Light blue has been a staple of boys’ bedrooms for generations, but it can be adorable for a girl’s room as well. It’s a peaceful and soothing color that brings to mind clear skies and calm seas, making it a great option to promote a restful night’s sleep.

Pale Purple

Consider asking the interior painting company you hire about lavender or other shades of pale or powdery purple, such as lilac or periwinkle. Soft purple hues have been shown to be serene and promote relaxation, making them ideal for a child’s bedroom.

According to HouseGrail, 88% of individuals feel a stronger desire to spend time in their homes following an interior painting project. You want your child to have a bedroom that is tranquil and relaxing, a space that they thoroughly enjoy spending time in. The color you ask an interior painting company to use for your child’s walls can impact the aesthetic of the room as well as your child’s mood. The four colors above are all excellent choices to consider for this space. If you’re looking to paint your child’s room or any other space in your home, contact Westslope Painting today to request a free estimate.

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