5 Signs Your House Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

Like many things, painted walls can show signs of wear and tear over time. According to Best Pick Reports, houses typically require repainting after seven to ten years. If you’re considering reaching out to an exterior painting company, be aware of factors that may cause your home to need a new coat of paint.

1. The Paint Is Fading

The sun can cause even the most vibrant colors to fade. Even if your home has protection from the sun, you’ll see visible signs of fading when it’s due to be repainted. Since dark colors fade more quickly than light colors, you may want to consider repainting your home in a light shade that will last for many years.

2. You See Chipped or Cracked Paint

Rain, snow, and other elements can damage paint, especially the paint on your home’s exterior. Over time, the paint will start to chip and crack and eventually peel away. If you spot peeling paint on your home, it’s best to have it repainted before the damage worsens. Without paint, your home is vulnerable to mold, rot, and other problems!

3. Your Walls Have Visible Water Damage

Normally, paint shields your siding from water damage, but if your paint has thinned, it might not provide adequate protection. That’s why you should contact an exterior painting company when you notice soft spots, cracks, or other visible signs of damage. Investing in a new paint job will prevent more costly problems in the future.

4. The Caulking Is Cracked

If you’re unsure if your home needs fresh paint, look at its exterior caulking. Caulking gets more brittle over time, which can cause cracks to develop. Once formed, these cracks can spread very quickly. Repainting your home will strengthen your caulking and keep new cracks from forming.

5. You’re Planning to Sell

Painting is an easy and effective way to enhance your home’s curb appeal, so it’s always a good idea to repaint before you put it on the market. Make sure you choose a neutral color with wide appeal. If the exterior of your home looks great, people will want to look at the inside too! Repainting usually provides an excellent return on investment.

Don’t put off repainting for too long. Paint can improve the look of your home, but it also provides essential protection. An exterior painting company can shield your home with a fresh coat of paint! Contact our team at Westslope Painting today if you’re ready to repaint.